Tiny House Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

Tiny House Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You
Tiny homes have to make efficient use of space and that includes the bathrooms. A tiny house bathroom has to accommodate a toilet, a bath and/or shower, and a sink in a very small amount of space. An exception to this is when a house will share a kitchen and bathroom sink. In average sized homes, bathrooms average about 45 square feet and that’s on the smaller end of the scale. 45 square feet, however, is way too big for a bathroom in a tiny house.

Despite the tiny size of a tiny house bathroom, they can still be beautifully designed as well as functional. Take a look at some tiny house bathroom designs below for some design inspiration for your own tiny home.  These are not listed in any particular order; we think they’re all beautiful in their own unique and tiny way.

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10 Beautiful Tiny House Bathroom Designs

The Alpha Tiny House’s Bathroom

tiny house bathroom - Alpha House
image via © Garett Buell of Studiobuell.com

This light and bright bathroom features hardwood floors, white subway tiles, and a honed granite counter top with an under-mount sink.  Additional features include a composting toilet, a full size Jacuzzi tub and shower combo, and an under-counter washer/dryer combo.  The windows which bring in a lot of light combined with the hanging flowers give this tiny house bathroom a cheery spa-like feel.

This lovely bathroom belongs to a tiny house named The Alpha Tiny House and the builder is New Frontier Tiny Homes in Nashville, TN.

Little Lou’s Bathroom

tiny house bathroom-Little Lou
image via Tiny House Swoon

The Little Lou is a 200 square foot tiny house co-built and owned by Christine Bellmyer.  Located in Burlington, VT, they built the home out of reclaimed and rescued materials which extends to their fun and quirky bathroom.  The bathroom has a simple composting toilet, compact sink, antique mirror, and a galvanized bathtub.  Corrugated metal roofing from an old barn make up the walls and adds a rustic element.  Read more about the Little Lou here.

Tiny Bathroom Remodel in Portland, OR

tiny house bathroom-portland remodel
image via bright designlab

This bathroom is a tiny 3 feet by 3 feet and the designers did an amazing job making the most out of a very small space.   The toilet serves multiple functions; not only is it a toilet, but the top is a sink and it also functions as a shower seat.  This style of bathroom is what’s known as a wet room because the shower is open to the toilet and sink.  The wet room design is a great option when working with limited square footage and even though it’s small, the light coming through and the white tile floors and walls make the bathroom seem spacious.

To learn more about this tiny house bathroom, visit this link: Tiny bathroom remodel in Portland.

Joel Weber’s Tiny House Bathroom

tiny house bathroom-Joel Weber
image via © Joel Weber via Today

Joel Weber‘s a college student who build his own tiny home with skills he taught himself as a design major.  His bathroom doesn’t yet have a toilet (he uses a nearby guest house for that), but it does have a bathtub and shower combo with a rainwater head along with a basin sink.  The design encompasses both rustic and modern elements for a unique look.

His next project for his tiny house is installing a toilet and getting his home equipped with solar power and rainwater collection.  Click here to read more about Joel Weber’s tiny house.

Tiny Heirloom’s Tiny Spa-like Bathroom

tiny house bathroom-tiny heirloom
image via Tiny Heirloom

This tiny spa-like bathroom has a cozy warm appearance with some industrial/rustic touches like the galvanized tub, hardwood floors and industrial lighting.  It also mixes in some modern elements like the vessel sink and vanity to make for a luxurious bathroom experience.  The designer/builders of this tiny home is Tiny Heirloom out of Portland, OR.  They have a TV show on HGTV called Tiny Luxury.

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Backyard Bunkie’s Tiny Bathroom

tiny house bathroom-Backyard Bunkie
image via Tiny House Listings

The Backyard Bunkie, located in Marion, NC, serves as a backyard guest house and is around 192 square feet.  The bathroom is also tiny, but its simple and space efficient layout has all the necessities.  It has a traditional flush toilet, a shower/bath combo, and pedestal sink with oil rubbed bronze fixtures.  There are also some unexpected design elements like the metal shower surround and the decorative mirror.

This highly rated tiny house is available for rent on AirBnB.

Thai Style Micro-bathroom Addition

tiny house bathroom-thai style
image via Joe Statwick via Houzz

The second wet room on the list is a beautifully designed tiny bathroom addition for a one bathroom ranch house.  Measuring 4 feet by 5 feet, it still manages to have a shower, toilet, vessel sink and many stylish modern elements combined with a Thai bathroom’s functionality.  There are also hints of beach (the color scheme) and a spa (the wood flooring).  Click the following link to learn more about this Thai inspired tiny bathroom: Thai Style Micro-bathroom Addition

Tiny Luxury House on Wheels’s Bathroom

tiny house bathroom-Tiny Heirloom2
image via Tiny Heirloom

This is the second on our list of tiny house bathrooms designed and built by Oregon’s own Tiny Heirloom.  The designers make great use of the very narrow space and even include storage shelves above the toilet. Additional space saving features include a rectangular sink and a nicely proportioned tiny house bathroom shower.  The wood accents and trim make this bathroom both homey and rustic.  Click here to see more images of this adorable tiny house.

Small-scale Bathroom Redesign

tiny house bathroom-apartment renovation
image via Apartment Therapy

This clean and modern tiny bathroom is located in a tiny Brooklyn apartment.  Measuring 4 by 6 feet, this bathroom has a perfectly proportioned small toilet, sink and tub.  Additional beautiful features are slate tile floors, sea-glass tiled walls and built-in wall storage.  To learn more about this redesign and the product sources, click here.

The Hill Ranch House Bathroom

tiny house bathroom-hill ranch
image via Tiny Texas Houses

Built by Tiny Texas Houses, this tiny Hill Ranch House is located on a Texas ranch.  These builders like to use reclaimed and vintage materials when building their homes and it shows in the character of their finished products.  This bathroom has a unique and rustic custom design with lots of natural finishes. The etched glass window brings in a lot of light and adds a nice classic feature.  Read more about the Hill Ranch House by visiting this link.

Do you have a tiny house bathroom you’d like to show off or are you in the process of building or remodeling a tiny house bathroom?  Let us know in the comments.

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