The Benefits of Organic Gardening

Large numbers of people are discovering the benefits of organic gardening and moving towards eating organic foods as a way to be healthier and to feel safer about what they eat. People want to know where their food comes from and rightfully so. Processed foods are bad enough, but now we have to be concerned about the mass produced fruits and vegetables. It’s not enough to just simply eat more veggies because right now in the US, the mass produced veggies have fewer nutrients and the chemicals used to produce them are essentially poisoning people.

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Thanks to extensive studies, we know how dangerous these chemicals are.  Many of these chemicals had been causing cancer and were banned.  Unfortunately, not all of the dangerous chemicals have been banned. We also aren’t fully aware of any other hidden dangers.

the benefits of organic gardening

The Benefits of Organic Gardening

Gardening organically can give you peace of mind about what you’re eating.  You’ll know that what you and your family are consuming is nutritious, safe and much higher quality than anything you could find in any supermarket. You and your loved ones deserve to eat food that makes you healthy, not sick.

Another great thing about gardening organically is that it’s healthy for the environment.  The chemicals sprayed on commercially produced fruits and vegetables end up washing off the plants and into the ground.  From the ground, these dangerous chemicals will end up in the our water.

The purpose of these chemicals is to kill plant-eating insects and other pests.  The problem with using these chemicals is that birds and other insect-eating animals will eat these poisoned insects.  The poison from the insects can end up making these animals sick or killing them.  This has a very dangerous domino effect on the environment.

When you kill too many of an insect species, it throws off the local wildlife balance.  Those animals that rely on those insects for food will end up dying as well.  This can become a huge problem is it becomes too widespread.

Another one of the many benefits of organic gardening is that organic produce has a far superior flavor.  Organic carrots, for example, are sweeter than their mass produced non-organic counterparts.  This is yet another good reason to organically grow your own food even if you’re not specifically concerned with the environment or your health.

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The Disadvantages of Organic Gardening

There are also a couple of disadvantages of organic gardening.  You have to treat pests differently and getting rid of them can be a more complex process.  Some people will pick the insects off by hand or they’ll use other safe methods to get rid of pests.  Other methods include spraying your plants with a solution of hot peppers or garlic or using local wildlife or livestock to help.  Garter snakes, chickens and toads, for example, love to eat insects so they can come in handy in an organic garden. By the way, if you have a fear of snakes, garter snakes are harmless, so they won’t hurt you.

Another possible disadvantage is that chemical fertilizers are easier to use according to some.  I prefer organic fertilizers because they can be cheaper and because they’re healthier and safer.  You can make some easy organic fertilizers by taking a tablespoon of fish meal or bone meal and mix it with a quart of water.  If you’d prefer a vegan organic fertilizer, a popular one is Grow Veganic: Steady 5 – 1 – 2 which can be purchased in stores.


As you can see, the benefits of organic gardening far outweigh any disadvantages.  Whether your priority is better tasting food, healthier food, or a safer environment, you’ll find that using organic methods to grow your food might be a little more work, but it is very rewarding.

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  1. The second we buy our first house I’ll start gardening, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. When you’re stuck in a crowded apartment there’s not much you can do, I don’t even have enough space for a small garden right now. I’m vegan so I eat a LOT of veggies but buying organic is both super expensive and a hassle as you don’t always know if what you buy is organic or not. I know it’s tough, especially when it comes to dealing with pests, but it’s so worth it!

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