How to Get Rid of Boils Naturally

How to Get Rid of Boils Naturally

If you’ve suffered from boils, you know what a pain they can be.  The underlying cause of boils can vary, but I used to get them back when my blood sugar was high and as a result, I would get infection after infection.  I have since changed my lifestyle and eating habits which has normalized my blood sugar so I no longer get boils.  I’m writing this post today to help anyone who continues to get them and wants to find a way to get rid of boils naturally.

The story of my largest most problematic boil began four years ago.  It was on my right breast and even though I had never gotten one in that area, I didn’t pay it much attention until it began to get huge.  To make a long story short, it grew to the size of a tennis ball and became an abscess because the advice given to me by my doctor (to use a warm compress) actually made it larger.  As a result, I ended up having surgery to get it removed which was followed by weeks of painful wound care.  If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have gone through that whole ordeal.

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Fast forward a year after the surgery and I discover another boil, this time on my left breast.  Needless to say, I go into a bit of a panic not wanting to go through another surgery so in desperation, I scour the internet for ways to treat myself.  I wasn’t going to use a warm compress this time around.  I tried a variety of things until one lucky day, I found something that worked.

How to Get Rid of Boils Naturally

The following is a list of what I used and what I did:

A maxi-pad.  You could use any sort of pad or even a thick cloth.

Warm water

Turmeric powder.  This is an herb that can be found in your local grocery store’s spice aisle.

Baking soda

Baking powder

Table salt

Toothpaste with baking soda.

I don’t know the exact quantity of all the ingredients, but I guess it was around a half a teaspoon for each of the dry ingredients.

Next, take the maxi-pad and soak it in warm water and squeeze out the excess.  Add the dry ingredients and make sure they’re mixed up good and then add the toothpaste to make the mixture paste-like.  This is messy, so don’t wear nice clothes when doing this.  Once it’s a paste on the pad, put it on your boil and hold it there for 10 minutes and then check to see if the boil has ruptured.  When I did this, the boil burst after 10 minutes and I can’t tell you how happy I was.  I then cleaned it and bandaged it and it healed right up.  Not sure what the magic ingredient is, but it’s most likely turmeric because of its anti-inflammatory benefits and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get results without using all the other ingredients.  Also, apparently, this concoction works on zits too.  My 23 year old cousin still gets the occasional pimple and has used this mix to reduce his acne.

Please note that I’m not a medical professional so this isn’t professional advice.  This is just the mixture I used to get rid of my boil and the mixture some family members use as well.

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