27 Ways to Make a Living Off the Grid

27 Ways to Make a Living Off the GridI’m sure you’ve heard all the typical ways to make a living off the grid; selling your fruits and vegetables, selling your chicken eggs, selling your goat’s milk, etc. so I won’t bore you with any of those.  I don’t think those options are boring by the way; I just want to provide you with some options you may not have thought of.  The methods for making money from home while living off the grid are limitless; you just have to use your imagination.

The money-making methods listed below are divided into two categories: businesses and jobs.  For most of the businesses, you’ll have to do your own marketing.  For the jobs, you won’t need to do your own marketing.  Additionally, many of these businesses and jobs require the internet.  If you’re an off-gridder and don’t yet have internet access,  check out the following post for some options available to you:  5 Off-Grid Internet Options with Pros and Cons.

How to Make a Living Off the Grid: Start a Business

1. Blogging

Blogging is a way for you to make money from home, but it takes time.  You first need to come up with a subject or niche.  In order to make money from blogging, you have to make sure the niche has buyers, so that you can eventually create products for your readers to buy.  You also have to make sure that your blog gets lots of visitors and that can be done in a few ways, but the main two ways are from either free or paid traffic.

To learn about blogging, first do some internet research and don’t forget about Youtube.  Tons of helpful videos that can teach you the basics.  A great forum to learn about blogging for money is the warriorforum.  If you prefer online classes, there are lots of classes to choose from.  Here are a couple of examples of online classes for blogging: The Blogging Guru and the Blog Profit Network.

Please be aware the blogging won’t put money in your pocket overnight.  It’s a business and like any business, time has to be put before you’ll start seeing dividends.

2. Build chicken coops

People who raise chickens will need chicken coops and if you live near people who raise chickens, you can build their chicken coops for a fee, of course.  If you have a creative eye, you can make really artistic and unique chicken coops.  Check out this link for inspiration.  If you have no idea how to build chicken coops, check out this course: Building a Chicken Coop.

Additionally, if you can make chicken coop kits, you could turn your business into a mail order business which could get you even more money.

3. Charge for your platonic companionship

Rentafriend is a service where you earn money by being someone’s platonic friend.  This is definitely an interesting concept.  Not sure how much marketing you’d need for this business, but I’m guessing you have to have a compelling profile.  Rentafriend has an approval process, but if you are accepted into the program, rentafriend claims you can make up to $57,600/year doing this part time or up to $96,000 by doing this full time.  Click here to read more about how to make money with this service:  rentafriend.com/beafriend

4. Consulting

If you have any skills that others don’t have, you could be a consultant.  These skills have to be in demand to some extent in order for you to make money, so if your skill is burping the alphabet, then the profitability will be limited.

If you have some helpful skills like gardening, homesteading, off-gridding, etc. you could offer your consulting services to those who’d like to pay you for your expertise.  You could get the word out by setting up a website, getting some business cards printed and marketing your service online or in your local paper.

5. Create and sell courses

This is similar to consulting, but instead of working with your consultants over the internet or on the phone, you can productize your service by turning it into a packaged course that can be purchased online.  A course could be a downloadable ebook, a video series, an audio series or an email.  If your course is high quality, priced well, and marketed properly, you could make good money.  Places to sell your course would be your own website, clickbank.com or amazon.com for example.

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6. Do alterations

If you know how to use a sewing machine and are skillful with it, you could put your skills to use on your neighbors and charge a fee.  Alterations can vary from very simple hems or patches to much more complex alterations.  To get repeat business, be sure to provide whichever skill you believe you can deliver well.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr.com is a website where people sell their services for $5 or more.  Fiverr gets millions of visitors per month so if your service is in high demand, has lots of good reviews, and is well-marketed, you could get a decent amount of business.

Most fiverr services are done on the computer or over internet, but there is a very wide assortment of services offered on this website.  Check it out for ideas of what you could sell yourself: fiverr.com

8. Flip used cars or farm equipment

Do you have any skills fixing cars or farm equipment?  Used cars and used farm equipment will always be in demand, so if you know how to fix them up, you could make some pocket cash or even make a living out of it.

9. Make hard money loans

This option is only for people who have extra money lying around and who want to earn some good interest on it in the real estate industry.  If there’s someone who wants to flip a home for example and they don’t want to go through a traditional bank for their financing, they’ll often get a hard money loan.  These loans often have higher interest, so if you become a hard money lender, you could see a great return on your investment.  Read more about how to become a hard money lender (or subprime lender) here.

10. Print Products

A 3D printing business is creative way to make money, but it takes an initial investment of a few thousand dollars for the 3D printer.  However, like with most technologies, prices are going to come down.  Once you get the equipment, you could print out 3D models for people in exchange for cash.  Click the following link for some 3D printing business ideas: 15 Ideas to start your own 3D printing business

11. Publish Kindle books

Today, it’s easier than ever to become a published author.  If you’re an Amazon.com user, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the option to buy Kindle ebooks.  Some marketing is required to get your book purchased, but given the sheer volume of visitors Amazon gets, it could be easier to sell your book on Amazon than through your own website.  Learn more about how you can make a living publishing Kindle books on Amazon here.

12. Rent yard space to tiny houses and RVs

If you own your land and have some extra space you could earn some additional income by renting out some of your land to tiny house owners or RV owners.  Check your local codes to see if additional insurance is needed to allow these renters on your property.  Additional things you can do can include doing credit and background checks on any would-be tenants.  Do as much research as you can on land-lording before taking the leap.  It can be very rewarding, so just make sure you and your family as well as your tenants are protected.

There are plenty of places to list your available land to rent.  Here’s one particular place were you can list: tinyhouseparking.com

13. Scalp tickets

Scalping tickets has a shady reputation and on top of that, it’s illegal in several states.  With that being said, it is possible to be a ticket reseller legally.  To make money reselling tickets, you need to be able to sell your tickets at a higher price than the purchase price.  If the event is sold out and in high demand, you will be able to get a higher price for the tickets.  To take the legal approach to reselling tickets, I would recommend you use reputable industry sites like Stubhub and Ticketmaster.  Additionally, it’s good idea to know the laws in your state regarding tickets resale.  Learn more at this link.

14. Sell your photos

Talented photographers have a variety of ways they can sell their photographs online and while this isn’t a get rich quick method, you could make some extra pocket change on a variety of sites.  Learn more about where to sell your photos by clicking the following link:  Where to sell your photos online.

Another option is to work with real estate professionals like agents, house flippers, interior designers, and builders.  They always need to have photographs of their real estate for sale or their design projects, so reach out to them on sites like houzz.com.  You can even list your photography business on Houzz on their Photographer Network so those real estate professionals can find you.

15. Sell your trees

Do you have a wooded lot that needs to be thinned or cleared?  If so, you can sell your trees.  Your local lumber yard could buy those trees from you or you could use a site like sellyourtrees.com.

16. Solar Panel Installation Business

Going off-grid means that you’ll be using an alternative source to power your home.  If you have neighbors that are doing the same and they need a solar panel system installed on their property, you could be the one who helps them set it up.  If you don’t know all the ins and outs of setting up a solar panel system, there’s plenty of information on Google that can show you how.  How to Start a Business Installing Solar Panels can get you started.

17. Teach at UDEMY

Udemy is a site where people go who want to take online courses.  At the time of writing this article, Udemy has over 12 million students and over 40,000 courses.  If you have any skills that can be taught online with a video course, you can become an instructor and get paid for it.  Click here to learn more.

The reason this is listed under businesses is because you can increase your Udemy income by promoting your own courses with coupon codes, your own website, word of mouth etc.

18. Trade currencies

Trading currencies (Forex trading) doesn’t require you to market or promote your business, but to make money, you have to make a profit on your trading.  This type of business requires some startup capital of a few thousand dollars although there are some companies that say you can start with just a few hundred.  If you’re tight on cash, I would not recommend this business.  Also, be sure you research any company you chose to do your business with to make sure they’re reputable.  To learn more about Forex Trading, check out this article on Investopedia.

Forex trading is a skill that requires some education.  Be sure to learn something about the forex markets and about technical and fundamental trading before you jump in.

19. Transcription services

If you can type fast and accurately, you could make some money from home with a transcription business.  There are 3 categories: general, legal and medical and as a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with a general service.  Click here to learn more about how to make a living with a transcription service.

20. Video game “Let’s Player”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term “Let’s Player”, it means a person who records videos of themselves playing popular video games and then uploads those games on to sites like YouTube.  You add your own commentary while playing the games which can give your videos their own unique personality. If you love playing video games and talking, this could be a great option for you.  Go to YouTube and watch some let’s play videos to see how they’re done and follow let’s players who have a large following.  To earn money, you must market your YouTube channel to build an audience.  Once you’ve built up a following, you can monetize your videos with YouTube ads.  Click here to learn about how to make money with YouTube.

21. Write speeches

Speech writers at the highest levels can easily make six figures.  As a beginner, you could make $10/hour or more if you’ve got good writing skills.  Visit How To Become a Speech Writer; Writing Speeches to learn more.

How to Make a Living Off the Grid: Get One of These Work from Home Jobs

In case you have no interest in starting a business or doing your own marketing, you can possibly find a work from home job with one of the following opportunities

22. Become a research subject

There always seems to be some kind of market study or clinical trial going on and they often pay a bit for your time.  Some of these allow you to participate at home and others are on location.  Look for some focus group opportunities here and some clinical trials here.

23. Call center employee

Technology has allowed millions of workers to work from home and it also saves the employer lots of money too.  If you’ve got a reliable phone connection and internet, you could earn some money working from home as a call center employee.  You can find opportunities all over the internet, but you can check out Indeed to see what they currently have listed.

24. Leapforce at Home Independent Agent

As a Leapforce at Home Independent Agent, you can start working from home at $13.50 per hour.  There’s a multi-part test involved which requires studying.  It is an open book test, but again, it requires studying.  I can’t stress this enough.  Once you past the test, you’re able to then begin working.  I’ve been working as a Leapforce at Home Independent Agent for over half a year now and it’s nice because you get to work from home and make your own hours.  Learn more about this opportunity by visiting this link.

25. Mock Juror

There are times before an actual trial where an attorney will want to do a trial run with mock jury.  These help lawyers with their decision making process and luckily for us, this can be done online.  The following link is an article that lists a few companies that will pay you for your mock juror service.  Online Jury Companies

26. MTurk

MTurk AKA Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online market place where researchers post small jobs and individuals can perform these jobs for a fee.  The tasks are short, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes on average although once you’ve worked on Mturk for a while, you’ll become eligible for longer, higher paying tasks.  The businesses and researchers that post the jobs are called “researchers” and the people doing the jobs are called “workers”.  To learn more and to sign up as a worker, visit this link: Amazon Mechanical Turk – Workers

27. Write for a blog

Got writing skills?  If so, there are blogs in every niche looking for writers and they’ll pay you for your services.  To search for these opportunities, you could go to google and type in your preferred niche and then the phrase “write for us”.  You could also check out writing jobs on the Problogger Jobs board.


I hope you found this list useful.  If you know of any other ways to make a living off the grid, let us know and if you’ve tried any of the mentioned methods, let us know how it’s been working for you.  Good luck!

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  1. This is a great list! I have personally made a decent amount of money off of my photography. The most fun I had was when I was contacted by a magazine here in the States to do a feature on Denver, Colorado. It was fun going around capturing the different places of the city. My favorite part was shooting local food then getting to eat it afterwards! If you are curious about the other ways I’ve made money off of photography check out my blog post. http://walletsquirrel.com/5-ways-to-sell-photos-online/

    – Adam

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