Off-grid Living Inspiration: Jill Redwood

Off-grid Living Inspiration Jill RedwoodMeet our off-grid living inspiration, Jill Redwood.  She’s a woman who’s been living off-grid in Goongerah, East Gippsland, Australia for over 30 years in a house she built with her own hands out of recycled materials.

off-grid living inspiration jill redwood
source: Daily Mail

Some facts about our off-grid living inspiration

Jill’s home cost less than $3000 to build, took 8 years to complete, and sits on a 15-acre property.

In addition to recycled materials, her walls are made from timber off cuts and cow dung.

Before building her house, she had no prior house building experience except for putting up the occasional shed and chicken coop.

With the exception of chocolate, Vegemite, flour and olive oil, she grows all her own food and hates supermarkets.  She has a large vegetable garden, a fruit orchard, chickens for eggs, and goats for milk and cheese.

Before going off-grid, she worked as a lab technician in Melbourne.

She prefers the solitary lifestyle and doesn’t like crowds.  She is, however, fine with individuals.

Jill Redwood is a writer and an activist and lives on very little, between $50 and $100 per week.

Most of her income goes towards taking care of her animals.

Ms. Redwood is also a coordinator of Environment East Gippsland, the longest running environmental organization whose goal is to protect Victoria’s largest and last ancient forest as well as the surrounding natural area.

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As a lifelong and tireless devotee to environmental activism, she won 2015 Environmentalist of the Year.

Her income comes from a small honorarium she pays herself from the environmental organization she runs, Environment East Gippsland.  She also makes extra money as a freelance cartoonist and writer.

Her home is solar powered and she also uses wood for cooking, heating water, and heating her home in the winter.

Even though she is off-grid, she’s not “unplugged”.  She doesn’t use a lot of power, but the little she does use is for a computer, internet, lights, a radio, a food processor and occasionally a washing machine.

She gets water from her roof, rain water, and from the local river.

Her toilet is an old fashioned outhouse or as the Australians call it, a “dunny”.

All of her possessions were bought second-hand.

Ms. Redwood loves animals and in addition to her chickens and goats, she has dogs, horses and geese.

She eats an organic vegetarian diet.

At the age of 5, Jill already knew she wanted to be a hermit.  She also knew as a child that she didn’t want to be a part of the things that humans do to damage the planet.  This is why she chose to live off grid.

Take a look at this short film about Jill’s life on her off the grid Australian property.

Jill Redwood truly is an inspiration, a mentor and someone those who are looking to live off-grid can emulate and look up to. Who’s your off-grid living inspiration? Alternatively, if you’ve already living the off-grid life, let us know your story and how you got set up.  We’d love to hear your story.

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  1. I remember reading her story in Daily Mail a while back and at the time it made me realize just how much money I’m throwing away on food. Eating enough is one thing but I used to buy whatever I could find, junk food included. If we’re being honest, I would love to go off-grid but only for a short period of time because, honestly, I don’t think I could make it.

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