Protecting Your Tiny House

Protecting Your Tiny HouseLosing or having your tiny house stolen isn’t a common occurrence, but it’s becoming a common concern.  I did read an article about a tiny house that was stolen in the UK a while back (link to article), so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Currently, there are a few options for protecting your tiny house and I’ve listed them below.

Protecting your Tiny House on wheels.

Trailer hitch locks: Since it’s pretty easy for someone to disconnect the hitch pins of your trailer, it’s always best to lock up your trailer and that can be done easily and affordably with a trailer hitch lock.  Coupler Vaults by Megahitch is a popular model and come in various sizes depending on the size of your trailer.

Trimax Universal Coupler and Trimax Universal Trailer locks are also popular choices.

Mobile home tie downs: Mobile home tie downs are another option for protecting your tiny house with the added security of protecting your home in heavy winds.  They work like an anchor by securing your tiny home to the ground.

Wheel locks: Wheel locks are pretty simple to install and they look a bit like the boots people get on their cars when they’ve accumulated too many parking tickets.

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Protecting your tiny house whether it’s on wheels or on a foundation.

If your tiny house is on wheels or on a foundation, you may also want to protect the items within the tiny home and that can be done by installing a simple security system.  There are many on the market, so do the research to see which one works best for you.   Below, I’ve listed a couple of wireless systems.

Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

Fortress Security Store Wireless Cellular Home Security Alarm System


Tiny homes are no more or less safe than regular sized foundation homes (or homes on wheels), so depending on where your home is located, secure your home as you feel is appropriate for your own peace of mind.

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