Remote Jobs You Can Do From Home Or On The Road

Looking for remote jobs so you can work from home or while traveling on the road? I don’t blame you. Working outside of an office with the ability to make your own hours is as appealing as freedom itself. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of a variety of remote jobs you can do at home, a cafe, an RV, or in a lounge chair on the beach. The point is, with these kinds of jobs, the possibilities are endless.

Also before signing up with any company, be sure to do your due diligence first. Research them first to be sure the opportunity is a right fit for you.

Remote Jobs

Below is our list of remote jobs you can apply for today.

Appen / Raterlabs

Appen is company which offers a variety of part-time work from home positions. I’ve been working for this company for over 3 years as a Raterlabs Internet Analyst doing search engine evaluation. You do need to pass a test in order to get one of their positions, but the good news is the test is open book. Also, work hours are from 15 hours to 26 hours per week but you can work whenever you want. In other words, there are no shifts. One disadvantage is that they don’t allow you to work outside your state or country so if you like to travel like I do, you’ll have to take some time off.

Current hourly pay rate varies from project to project but the range last I read was between $12.50/hr to $15.00 per hour.

Click the following link for information about Appen / Raterlabs opportunities.

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Remote jobs you can do with your car

There are so many gig jobs out there you can do with your car that I couldn’t possibly list them all. You’ve probably heard of many of these.

The driving jobs where you transport people:

Uber and Lyft. Seems like the days of the taxi driver are over and now we’ve got the Uber era. Additionally, with Uber, you even have an option to become a driver even if you don’t have your own car. With that said, here’s some more information about working for Uber and Lyft.



The driving jobs where you transport food:

There are tons of these on the market today and if you have the time, you could possibly work for several of these companies at once. The key to making money with these car jobs is living in or close to a fairly large city. So, if you aren’t in a large city or don’t live close to one, it might be difficult to scrape together enough gigs to make it worth your while.

The ones that involve delivering food from restaurants are Postmates, Grubhub, Doordash, and Ubereats. I’m sure I’m forgetting some, so please let me know which ones I’m forgetting. If you don’t mind driving and having the smell of someone else’s food in your car, this kind of job could be a good fit for you. Below are links for Postmates, Grubhub, Doordash, and Ubereats driver positions.





If delivering groceries is more your speed, then Instacart might be right up your alley. Like the previous jobs, you’ll be delivering food, but instead the food will be groceries, and most of it won’t be cooked and smelling up your car. Although in some situations, you’ll have to pick up something from the deli.

Here’s the link to work for Instacart

The driving jobs where you transport other stuff


Roadie’s an interesting gig I recently learned of. With Roadie, you won’t typically be delivering food. You’ll be delivering all kinds of other stuff like packages, clothes, luggage, furniture, other retail items, etc. If you’ve got a pickup truck or cargo van, you can do the larger deliveries, but it’s not limited to large vehicles. If you’ve got a small car like a sedan or coup, you can make the small and medium deliveries. Whatever will fit in your seats or trunk. One thing I’ve noticed with Roadie is that it’s not in every city at the moment. Maybe that’ll change going forward.

With this link, you’ll get a $10 credit when join Roadie and so will I. Here ya go: Sign up with Roadie
If you get any technical errors with the link, please let me know.

Secret Shopper Jobs

Also known as “mystery shopping”, secret shopping is a way market research companies measure the quality of service. As a mystery shopper, you go into an establishment or call in and pretend to be a customer without letting the employees know you’re a mystery shopper. Once you’re done, you report back about your experience. With that said, there are a number of companies out there that offer these positions. Below I’ve listed 3 popular ones:

Secret Shopper



There’s even a Secret shopper company for apartment buildings and complexes. Ellis Partners in Management Solutions (EPMS) is a company that offers this kind of service. With EPMS, you call in and/or visit an apartment community and evaluate how the leasing team performs in showing you the apartment, the community, addresses your concerns, etc. With these shops, you can earn between $30-$50 or more with bonuses.

Click here to learn more about becoming an EPMS shopper

Survey Jobs

Amazon Mechanical Turk (affectionately known as MTurk)

I’ve been a “worker” for MTURK off and on for several years. I haven’t done it steadily enough to earn decent money with it, but there are people who work it seriously and make $50 or more per day. It’s not a ton of money, but you can make your own hours and do it while traveling. It’s a great gig for someone living the nomad life because all you need is the internet and a computer. You can even go a couple of years without doing a single task, like I have, and be able to just sign back in and make a little cash whenever you want.

A lot of the work is short surveys, transcription, data entry, etc. They also range in length and the amount they pay. The thing with MTurk, is the more you work the tasks, the more opportunities will open up for you. Someone who has done 10,000 tasks will have higher paying tasks available to them compared to someone who has only 1000 tasks under their belt.

If you decide to go this route and join Amazon Mechanical Turk, be sure to check the reviews of the “requesters” before agreeing to do their tasks. The requesters are the people who put the tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk to be worked on. Not all requesters are the same. Some are generous and some aren’t, some are quick to reject work and others aren’t. Again, they’re all very different. Also be sure to join the various online communities of Mturk Workers on Facebook and Reddit. They’ve been very helpful.

Here’s a link to join Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Freelance Writing Jobs

If you’re a good writer, you can make a decent living as an article or blog post writer. Tons of bloggers and websites need content and many are willing to pay writers for their service. What topics are you most comfortable writing about or what areas do you have knowledge? Visit popular blogs in those niches and contact them to see if they need writers. Sometimes they’ll even have an easy to find link advertising their need for good writers. Be prepared to provide a writing sample so they can see examples of what you’ve written.

You can additionally list your freelance writing service on sites like and These two sites are where businesses and individuals who need certain skills go to find talent.

Furthermore, a service called Writing Jobs can provide you with a list of companies currently hiring writers and has other helpful information. Here’s a link to Writing Jobs for more information.

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Get paid using your artistic talents

Do you have any creative talent? Can you take nice pictures, draw, use Photoshop or make crafts? What I’m about to talk about here isn’t a job; it’s more of a business. If you can create art, you can make some money. There are so many sites on the internet that allow artists to upload their artwork to sell like Etsy and Artfire for example. There are also several sites that allow you to post your service and people who need your service will visit the site to hire you. Sites like Fiverr and and Upwork, like I discussed in the previous section, come to mind.

If you can take great photos with a digital camera or even your smartphone, there are sites like Shutterstock and Fotolia where you can sell your photographs. This is an especially great opportunity for talented digital nomads who travel to beautiful places around the globe.
Here’s a helpful article to learn more about making money with stock photography: How to Make Money with Stock Photography

Get paid for your knowledge

If you have any special skills and could use some extra cash, consider sharing them with the world. There’s an endless amount of skills that people are willing to learn and pay for. For example, as mentioned above if you have any artistic skills like photography, Photoshop or crafts, you could teach others those skills. You could also teach foreign languages or programming or how to be outgoing or how to make stickers. Again, the possibilities are endless. A couple of sites where you can get paid for teaching what you know are Udemy and Skillshare.

Another way to get paid for your knowledge is tutoring. These days you don’t even have to meet with your students in person; you can just tutor online from the comfort of your own home. As a tutor, you could help these students with their homework or prepare for important exams. Here’s a site where you can become an online tutor:


As you can see, there are so many opportunities available for finding remote jobs and I’ve only scratched the surface. Because many of these remote jobs are part-time, you can do several of them and make a decent living for yourself and have the freedom to not be stuck in a cubicle. Good luck to you!

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