Tiny House Communities: Enjoying The Tiny Life With Others

Tiny House Communities Enjoying The Tiny Life With OthersIn tiny house hotels and vacation rentals, we discussed short-term tiny house living.  Tiny house communities can be a great opportunity for people wanting to take it a step further.  In a community, you can live long term in a tiny house and you get to live with other enthusiasts.  Many have communal spaces for group dinners and recreational activities.

There are many available right now and many currently in development.  So keep your eyes open, one might pop up in your town soon.

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11 Tiny House Communities

Below is our list of 11 tiny house communities.  Most on this list are in North America, with one in Australia.  As the tiny house movement grows, more communities will pop up around the globe.  As previously mentioned, many are being developed at this very moment.

Simply Home Community (Portland, Oregon)

Tiny House Communities - Simply Home
Image via Sharable

Simply Home Community is a tight-knit community of 7 tiny house lovers.  Of the 7 residents, 3 live in the “Big House” and 4 in the tiny homes.  The Big House has a bathroom, laundry facilities, and a common area for gatherings like watching movies and shared meals. For those who like to grow their own food, Simply home has communal vegetable garden.  If you like woodworking, there’s a wood shop.  The beauty of Simply Home is you can enjoy living in a tiny house and traditional house at the same time.  Another bonus is it encourages community spirit with all of the communal activities.

Visit Simply Home Community

The Cottages of Cabot Cove (Kennebunkport, Maine)

Cabot Cove Cottages
Image via Cabot Cove Cottages

The Cottages of Cabot Cove are quaint, cozy, under 300 square feet and have been described as living in a dollhouse.  The picturesque setting of the Kennebunkport River gives this community of 16 cottages an idyllic feel.  Each cottage has its own unique style because each was designed by a different interior designer.

Despite being run as a bed & breakfast, each cottage is individually owned.  This gives you some flexibility because you can live there short term (vacation rental) or you buy one of the cottages and live there long term.

Visit The Cottages of Cabot Cove

Lemon Cove Village (Lemon Cove, California)

Lemon Cove Village
Image via Lemon Cove Village

Lemon Cove is a small town located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  There are 55 sites for tiny house parking and depending on the site you choose, you can live with on-grid utilities or partially off the grid.  Lemon Cove Village has tons of amenities including a community center, fire pit, swimming pool, and dog park.

Visit Lemon Cove Village

Orlando Lakefront Tiny House Community (Orlando, Florida)

Orlando Lakefront
Image via Orlando Lakefront

Formerly a 1950s RV park, Orlando Lakefront Tiny House Community is place where tiny house owners can park legally.  Just minutes from Orlando’s shops and attractions, this lake community is small, but growing with 13 tiny houses.  At the moment, there are 11 tiny houses on wheels and 2 on a foundation. Depending on your needs, you can live there short-term (nightly or weekly) or long-term (monthly). Some of the amenities available to all the residents include a boat dock, fishing docks and laundry.

Visit Orlando Lake Front Tiny House Community

Traverse Bay RV Resort Cottage Estates (Williamsburg, Michigan)

Traverse Bay Cottage Estates
Image via Wheelhaus

Traverse Bay RV Resort is the home of a new tiny house community: The Cottage Estates.  These tiny craftsman style homes built by Wheelhaus, are located in a separate and private section of the resort.  Even though these homes occupy a separate part of the resort, the tiny home owners have access to all the resort’s amenities including a clubhouse, spa, pool, and tennis courts.

Visit Traverse Bay RV Resort Cottage Estates

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Whispering Aspen Village (Fairplay, Colorado)

Whispering Aspen Village
Image via Ecocabins

Whispering Aspen Village is a perfect tiny house community for outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Located just minutes from fly fishing, skiing, and hiking, the tiny homes would make a great vacation home, weekend getaway or permanent residence. The village also comes with a communal recreation area and club house.

Visit Whispering Aspen Village

Green Bridge Farm (Guyton, Georgia)

green bridge farm
Image via The Rifle Bird

Green Bridge Farm is an eco-friendly organic farm located just east of Savannah in Guyton, GA.  This is the second on our tiny house communities list that great for gardeners.  The farm is large with 25 wooded acres and 4 acres of organic vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.  You can buy a lot to park your tiny home which ranges from 1.2-1.6 acres in size.  This is also a great location if you’re looking for sustainable community living.

The Village of Wildflowers (Flat Rock, North Carolina)

village of wildflowers
Image via TinyHouseVacations

The Village of Wildflowers has fully customized tiny houses you can either rent or own.  There are also plenty of community areas and activities.  Pot luck dinners, a book club, a swimming pool and two dog parks keep the residents entertained.  You can also get to know your tiny house loving neighbors at the Village Hall community house.

Visit The Village of Wildflowers

Austin Live | Work (Del Valle, Texas)

austin live work
Image via Austin Live | Work

With 25 tiny houses currently on the 10 acre property, Austin Live | Work is known as the busiest tiny house community in the country.  Of the tiny house communities on this list, Austin Live | Work is unique in that it’s a place where tiny house enthusiasts come to live and to work.  Tiny house entrepreneurship is central to this community.

Visit Austin Live | Work

Wurruk’an (Gippsland, Victoria, Australia)

Image via Wurrukan on Facebook

Wurruk’an is an Australian tiny house community which focuses on simple living and permaculture principles.  Residents grow their own organic food and are learning self-sufficiency.  Additionally, they experiment with alternative technologies and are developing a system of renewable energy.

Visit Wurruk’an

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village (Terrace, British Columbia, Canada)

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village
Image via Tinyhousecommunity

Hummingbird Micro Homes developed this tiny house community as a way for tiny house owners to have a place to live long term.  You can either rent a tiny house that’s already there or bring your own tiny house on wheels and rent out a spot.

Visit Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village

I’m looking forward to more tiny house communities popping up in the coming months and years.  I know of some that are currently in the works and will update this list as they go live.  If you know of any I may have missed, please let me know.

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