Tiny House Parking: Where to Park a Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny House Parking Where to Park a Tiny House on Wheels

Living in a tiny house can be a great adventure and vastly different from what you’re used to.   If you live in a tiny house on wheels, there are additional things that need to be considered like tiny house parking.  Some will bounce from place to place, but others will want something a little more permanent.  If you’re looking for a tiny house parking space, take a look at some of the options below.

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Tiny House Parking Options

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Network with friends, family and colleagues

This could be your first step.  You never know what or who your associates know, so put it out there.  Let them know you need to find a permanent or semi-permanent place to park your tiny house.

Post an ad on Craigslist or some other free classified ads site

This isn’t a very personal option, but you’ll never know what you can find if you post an ad.  Be specific about what you’re looking for so there’s no confusion.  You could also browse the ads to see if anyone’s offering a space on their land.  Craiglist.org has a site for a wide variety of cities, so be sure to check in specific cities or towns that interest you.

Post on social media

This is similar to networking with friends, family, and colleagues except this is online.  If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, mention that you’re looking for tiny house hosting.  You could also start a free Tumblr blog and post pictures of your tiny house and mention you’re looking for a place where you can park it.  There are lots of popular tiny house blogs on Tumblr.

Join a tiny house Facebook group

Facebook has a lot of groups that focus on a variety of interests.  Go to Facebook and do a search for tiny house or tiny homes and join one of the groups.  You might find listings of people who have extra land or people looking to start a tiny house community. You could also mention what you’re looking for in terms of tiny house parking.

Join a tiny house Meetup group

Meetup.com is another great option where you can join a group that meets in person based on a shared interest or hobby.  Simply create a free account, select your location and enter keywords related to your interest.  To find tiny house groups in your area, just enter the words tiny house in the search box.  If there are any tiny house groups in your area, you’ll see them in the results.  If there aren’t any groups, you could start one.

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Tiny house forums

Similar to social media, you could post your interest in finding a place to park your tiny home on wheels. I would recommend getting to know the forum and contributing before just mentioning your needs.  Forums tend to be like communities and they want to get to know you a bit first.  Here are a couple of forums you could join, one is a traditional discussion forum and the other is a subreddit: Living Big in a Tiny House Forum and Tiny Houses subreddit.

Check out wwoof.net

Wwoof.net is an organization that teaches people about organic farming and sustainability.  It also connects volunteers to organic farms all over the world.  You could possibly find a willing farm who has some extra space for you to park your tiny home and you could help them with their organic farm.


Tinyhousecommunity.com has a helpful page that lists some of the rules associated with tiny house parking.  It also lists various tiny house communities in the United States and in other countries.  Check out this page by going to the following link: tinyhousecommunity.com/places.

Additionally, you could do an internet search for a tiny house community to find places that possibly aren’t listed on the previous site.  You could start by using the following link: Google search for tiny house communities. 


Tinyhouseparking.com has a map with people looking for a place to park and people who have land for tiny homes.  The options are further divided into buying and renting.  Check it out here: tinyhouseparking.com

Talk with land owners and farmers

If you know any land owners or farmers, contact them to see if they’re willing to rent out a piece of their land.  You can also put the word out to your family and friends to put you in contact with any land owners they might know.

Find land that you like and contact the owners

If you’ve ever come across vacant land that you’d to park on, don’t be afraid to contact the owners.  If the land isn’t currently being used, this could be a great opportunity for you to rent some space.  To contact land owners, visit the county’s tax assessor.  If someone owns land, they have to pay taxes on it, so their contact information should be listed with the county.

Post flyers in your local supermarkets or libraries

Print out some flyers and post them in your local supermarkets and libraries.  With some luck, you might find someone who has a large backyard or some land to rent.

RV parks

If your tiny house on wheels is registered as an RV, an RV park could be your next home.  RV parks are often filled with vacationers, so it may not have a permanent home feel to it.  If you’re someone who likes to change their locations regularly, this could be an ideal place to park.  RV parks are all over the country so you won’t have trouble finding them either.

Buy your own land

Buying your own land can be a great option for parking your tiny house on wheels.  Be sure to research your local codes to see what they say about living in a tiny house on wheels on your own property.  After that, look for some land to buy or contact a real estate agent that specializes in the sale of vacant land to help you with the search.


If you decide to rent out land from a property owner, always do your due diligence before taking up residence.  They will be your new landlord, so ask lots of questions and feel free to do background checks before signing any contracts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to have a completed home before buying land for it (if you choose to buy land).  Some builders will build your home right there on your property.

Good luck on finding tiny house parking and if you find parking using some other method, please post it in the comments below.

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  1. This is awesome! I have never seen or heard about tiny houses on wheels before, so I’m surprised to see there are so many websites and social media sites dedicated to it. I’m thinking of opening a mobile coffee shop business – I was considering a bicycle coffee shop, but I wonder if I could convert the mini house into a portal coffee shop.

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