15 Clever Tiny House Storage Solutions

15 Clever Tiny House Storage SolutionsWhen you live in a tiny house or small apartment, every inch of space is precious.  Even if you downsize to the bare minimum, you’re still going to need a place to put the few things you have.  Below are some tiny house storage solutions that are practical, clever and creative.  If you live in a small space and have a lot of stuff to organize, use some of these ideas below to help you get inspired.

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15 Tiny House Storage Solutions

Built-in Wall Storage

tiny house storage solutions-Built-in Wall Storage
image via Daystar Tiny Homes

This is the first of two tiny house storage solutions on our list by Daystar Tiny Homes.   This incredible wall organizer has open and closed storage for clothes, sporting equipment, drawers, shelves and even a kennel space for the owner’s pet dog.  Even with all that stuff, this tiny house appears quite spacious and has tons of natural light flowing in.

Visit the builder at: Daystar Tiny Homes

Under Sink Organizer

2-Under Sink Organizer
image via Wandernesting

The space below the kitchen sink is often unused, but this under sink organizer makes clever and practical use of this usually wasted space.  This can come in handy for tiny kitchens with few drawers and not a lot of counterspace.  I’ve searched high and low for the manufacturer of this drawer and where to buy it but no luck.  If you know of where someone can buy this online, please post it in the comments below.  I did find something similar at Howdens.com so if you’re interested in this type of storage perhaps you can get it from them.

Hideaway Pantry

3-Hideaway Pantry
image via Design Milk

This hideaway pantry is featured in an Airstream Sterling Concept Trailer.  It makes good use of the narrow space between the door and the counter top and serves double duty as both a food pantry and appliance garage.  Visit this link to read more about Airstream Sterling Concept Trailer and its innovative space saving solutions.

Storage under Stairs

4-storage under stairs
image via Curbed

Next on the list is a tiny house on wheels that makes use of the space below the stairs that leads to their loft.  This storage solution has a cozy “beachy” cottage feel with the light blue closet doors, open shelving and light colored wood steps.

Visit the builder at: Mouse House Tiny Homes

Floating Wall Pantry

5-floating wall pantry
image via Toybox Tiny Home

This beautifully designed modern and sleek floating wall pantry serves multiple purposes in the Toybox Tiny Home.  First, it’s a pantry that has 18 compartments for food.  Additionally, it serves as a shelf, has LED strip lighting, and contains electrical outlets.  To learn more about the Toybox Tiny Home designed by Paul Schultz and Frank Henderson visit this link.

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Medicine Cabinet with Storage

6-medicine cabinet with storage
image via Midwest Living

Everyone uses toiletries and given that tiny house bathrooms tend to not have a lot of counter space, you’ve got to find a place for them.  This gorgeous medicine cabinet by Decora is a great solution for where to put your toothpaste and all those other little things you use to get ready in the morning.  What makes this design particularly clever is you can continue to look at yourself in the mirror as you pull out the side shelves.

Open Storage under Stairs

7-open storage under stairs
image via Tiny Living

The Harmony Haven is a 28 foot tiny house built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses and designed by the owners.  This home has two staircases allowing for a ton of open storage space under the stairs for clothing, various items and a washing machine.  The open shelving also makes it easy to access all the things you may need.

Visit the builder here: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Visit the homeowners here: Living Tiny and Simple

Toe Kick Storage

8-toe kick storage
image via Rowdy Kittens

That space below your cabinets is wasted most of the time so that’s why I love these toe-kick drawers for storing items.  It makes a great addition to our list of tiny house storage hacks.  Because it uses “toe-kick” technology, you just have to gently kick the drawers to open and close them.  Once closed, they’re practically hidden from sight.  These particular drawers were a DIY project built by the home owner.  To learn more, visit the owners website here.

Wall of Drawers

9-wall of drawers
image via The Tiny Life

This tiny studio apartment was designed by Tel Aviv architects, Raanan Stern and Shany Tal.  For storage, they designed this huge and modern wall of drawers made out of the renewable resource, white birch.  The drawers go from floor to ceiling and come in a variety of sizes which allows for a wide assortment of storage options.

Visit the architects here: RUST architects

Ceiling and Wall Storage for Sports Equipment and Guitars

10-ceiling and wall storage
image via Grind TV

Racks and hooks are a great way to hang items from your ceiling and on your walls.  In this home, sporting equipment and musical instruments are stored on the ceiling and walls freeing up a lot of floor space.  This 20 foot long tiny house on wheels belongs to Jenna Spesard.  You can find her on the first season of DIY Network TV show, Tiny House Big Living and you can also find her on her website Tiny House Giant Journey.

Built-in Loft Storage

11-built in loft storage
image via Daystar Tiny Homes

The second tiny house storage solution from Daystar Tiny Homes is built-in cubbies for the sleep loft.  These are perfect for storing things one may need while in bed and acts as a functional alternative for nightstands.

Visit the builder at: Daystar Tiny Homes

Under Floor Bed

12-Under Floor Bed
image via Tiny Home Tour

A bed stored under a kitchen is not only clever but creative.  Some folks just don’t want to climb up every night to sleep on a loft so this setup gives them the ability to sleep on the ground floor.  Another great feature is that it can easily slide under the kitchen floor once you’re done using it.  To learn more, visit this link.

Built-in Eating Nook with Drawers

13-built in eating nook with drawers
image via Design Dump

Built-in eating nooks are one of my favorite things and adding storage drawers just skyrockets them up a notch.  If your kitchen is tiny and they usually are in a tiny home, these deep drawers could certainly come in handy for your storage needs.  I wish I knew who the designers were, but I don’t.  If you wanted, I’m sure you could find a carpenter who could have this custom built for you.

Under Bed Storage

14-under bed storage
image via Tiny House Blog

As mentioned earlier, having your bed on the ground floor is a nice alternative for people who don’t want to sleep on a loft.  It’s important in tiny homes to have furniture serve multiple purposes and this platform bed with loads of large and small drawers fulfills that purpose.  There’s also enough room to include a small bedside table on top of the first level of drawers.

Visit the builder at: Zyl Vardos

Floating Spice Jars

15-floating spice jars
image via Smalltopia

Last but certainly not least on our list of tiny house storage solutions are these adorable floating spice jars.  This DIY project consists of small mason jars and a basic screw through the lid.  This spice rack saves space, is great looking and allows for easy access because it’s installed right above the stove and the glass allows you to see what’s inside.  Read more about the floating spice jars here.

Which one of these tiny house storage solutions was your favorite?  Also, if you have some creative solutions in your own tiny home be sure to post it in the comments below.

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