The 6 Top Tiny House Youtube Channels

the 6 top tiny house youtube channelsThe tiny house movement is gaining momentum and with that momentum is a growing fan base.  Tiny house fans have so many options today to get their tiny house fix.  If you’re not yet ready to live in a tiny house, you can always get your fill by checking out some tiny house YouTube channels.  YouTube’s great because it’s free and you can watch tiny house videos whenever you have some spare time.

If you’re looking for some tiny house inspiration or if you just love watching videos about tiny homes, check out these top tiny house YouTube channels.  These channels aren’t in any particular order and all have great and unique content.

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The Top 6 Tiny House YouTube Channels

Tiny House Listings

Host: Steven Harrell

Described as the “Zillow of the tiny house world”, Tiny House Listings features video tours of tiny houses for sale and rent.  This YouTube channel is an extension of the website and has listings all over the world.  It’s also updated regularly, sometimes multiple times per week, so if you’re in the market to buy or rent, you’ll find plenty of options here.  You can also list your tiny home if you’ve got one for sale.

YouTube channel: Tiny House Listings

Living Big In A Tiny House

Host: Bryce Langston

Based in New Zealand, Bryce visits people who live in unique tiny homes in and out of NZ to talk about their tiny lifestyles.  The host himself lives in a tiny house and with his videos, hopes to help others who have tiny living dreams.  Additional topics include: DIY, minimalism, off-grid living, permaculture, and Small space design.  Channel update rate: several times per month.

Website: Living Big in a Tiny House

YouTube channel: Living Big In A Tiny House

Kirsten Dirksen

Host: Kirsten Dirksen

Next on our list is Kirsten Dirksen’s YouTube channel.  Her videos examine the lives of people living the simple lifestyle in alternative homes.  Some fun topics include homes that have been converted from caves and hay lofts.  Other topics covered on this channel include eco-friendly lifestyles and homes built with alternative materials.  Kirsten is an American living in France and she visits homes all over the world. Channel update rate: 1+ per week.

Website: Faircompanies

YouTube channel: Kirsten Dirksen

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Exploring Alternatives

Hosts: Mat Dubé and Danielle Chabassol

Our hosts Mat and Danielle are minimalists based in Canada who’ve been traveling for 5 years exploring the lifestyles of people who live tiny or “different” from the mainstream.  Their videos feature different types of tiny homes like trailers, houseboats, vans, tiny homes on wheels, converted buses, etc.  Additionally, they themselves live the tiny nomadic life and provide tips and hacks for those interested in doing the same. Channel update rate: once or more per week.

Website: Exploring Alternatives

YouTube channel: Exploring Alternatives


Hosts: Derek Diedricksen

Derek Diedricksen travels around the U.S. visiting unique tiny homes (tiny homes on wheels or foundation, yurts, cabins, houseboats, etc), tiny house communities, both on and off the grid.  Additional topics include: DIY projects, woodworking, multi-use furniture, off grid tools, thrifty living and dumpster diving.  You’ll also get to learn about various tiny house festivals.  Channel update rate: two or more per week.

Website: Relaxshacks

YouTube channel: relaxshacksDOTcom

Tiny House Giant Journey

Hosts: Jenna Spesard

Tiny House Giant Journey’s host, Jenna Spesard, travels around the US and Canada in her own self-built tiny home and visits people who are also living their tiny house dream.  She features many different types of tiny homes as well as different types of people with unique stories. Her channel explores minimalism, tiny house living, tiny house advice, travel stories, adventures, and inspiration.

Fun fact: Jenna was featured in the first season of HGTV’s Tiny House Big Living.

Channel update rate: 2-3 videos per month.

Website: Tiny House Giant Journey

YouTube channel: Tiny House Giant Journey

Which one is your favorite tiny house YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below.

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