Tiny Houses and Mason Jars: Creative and Functional Solutions

Tiny Houses and Mason Jars Creative and Functional SolutionsTiny houses and mason jars may seem like a random article topic, but hey, I love tiny homes and I love mason jars, so why not write about them both in one post. Mason jars are adorable like tiny houses, and they have a ton of uses, both functional and decorative . Take a look below at some of the creative ways mason jars have been used in tiny houses.  Even if you don’t live in a tiny house, you can still use these methods to beautify your home.

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Tiny houses and mason jars: storage

Tiny Houses and Mason Jars mason jar food rack
Image via Minim Micro Homes

What inspired me to write this post was one of our earlier posts about tiny house storage solutions. In that post, spices were stored in cute little floating mason jars.  You can also use larger mason jars to store dry food items like in the image above. Putting storage on wall, like with this rack is a great space saver. Additionally, mason jars come in a variety of sizes from super tiny to large gallon size and maybe even larger.

Read more about the mason jar dry food rack at Minim Micro Homes.

Tiny houses and mason jars: aquariums

tiny house aquarium
Image via Tiny House Homestead

A tiny home and a tiny aquarium make a great fit.  This aquarium is perfect for beta fish because they like to be left alone.  To learn more about how to make this aquarium, click here. Additionally, make sure your tiny mason jar aquarium has a hole in the lid for air and that the jar is secured in a spot where it doesn’t move around especially if you have a tiny house on wheels that’s on the road. Otherwise, you’ll have a broken aquarium and one unhappy fish.

Tiny houses and mason jars: light fixtures

mason jar light shades
Image via Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Mason jars can be repurposed as custom light fixtures as demonstrated in this Minnesota tiny home.  It’s as simple as finding a mason jar large enough for the bulbs and then inserting the light bulb and cord through the jar’s lid.  Read more here.

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Tiny houses and mason jars: bird feeders

mason jar bird feeder
Image via Tiny House Homestead

If you want birds to visit your garden or just love bird watching, then you’re gonna need a bird feeder to attract them to your home.  This bird feeder is simple to construct and is made from a quart size mason jar and a galvanized chicken feeder.  Full construction details here.

Tiny houses and mason jars: terrariums

mason jar terrarium
Image via DIY Projects

A tiny mason jar terrarium can be a fun DIY project and a pretty accent piece you can keep for yourself of give as a gift.  You can combine different colored rocks, sand, and succulents to bring the outdoors in.

Learn how to make a mason jar terrarium at DIY Projects.

Tiny houses and mason jars: wall planters

mason jar wall planters
Image via Not Just a Housewife

Want an indoor herb garden, but don’t have much counter space?  These mason jar wall planters might be the perfect solution.

Visit this link to learn how to build these mason jar wall planters.

Tiny houses and mason jars: oil lamp

mason jar oil lamp
Image via A Piece of Rainbow

These mason jar oil lamps are super cute and are even safer than candles.  Add colorful fruit and flowers to create limitless color combinations.

Read more about creating mason jar oil lamps at A Piece of Rainbow.

Love tiny houses and mason jars too?  Tell us about your creations and we’ll add them to our list.

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