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Try RV Life

The RV life can be quite an adventure. Whether it’s part-time or full-time, living in a compact house on wheels and and exploring your country, continent, or world can be both exciting and eye opening. Is it for everyone? No…but for many of us who have a love for adventure and travel, the rv life, might be worth a try.

For those who haven’t fully decided if RV life is for them but are still curious or for people who don’t currently have the budget to buy an RV or camper, they have the opportunity to try RV life first before making that final decision.

Previously, I wrote about trying tiny house living and tiny house vacations and today, I’m going to talk with you about trying RV life. It’ll be like trying a tiny house and going on vacation at the same time.

Trying RV life is as simple as renting an RV on a day to day basis and the prices are surprisingly affordable.

#1 RV Rental Marketplace

What kind of RV is right for you?

A few things to consider to help you decide.

How many people and/or pets will you be traveling with? Are you going to solo or with a group?

Would you rather leave your car at home and drive the RV/camper van or would you prefer to tow a camper?

Where would you like to camp? Camping grounds where you’ll be able to plug in or would you prefer to be off grid in more out of the way places?

What’s your budget? Obviously different sized RVs will have different prices. Plus you have to factor in the price of gasoline. A 40 foot rig will cost considerably more than a smaller class B camper van.

Once you figure all of this out, you’ll be better prepared to determine what kind of RV to rent.

Now you’re ready to rent. What’s next?

Outdoorsy is an awesome source for finding RVs to rent nearby. They’ve got RVs and camper vans in a wide assortment of sizes and for every budget.

Take a look below to see what’s available near your city.  Happy adventures!


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