Trying Out Tiny House Living

If you’re not quite yet a member of the tiny house community, but are interested in trying out tiny house living for a few days before making your final decision, you now have the opportunity. Portland, Oregon, the tiny house capital of the United States, has our country’s first tiny house hotel which makes trying out a tiny house possible.  Located in the Alberta Arts district in Portland Oregon, Caravan, is a unique hotel that allows its visitors to experience tiny house living in custom-made unique portable tiny homes.

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Trying out tiny house living short term is now possible at Caravan.

Built by local builders, the six tiny houses in this hotel range from 84-160 square feet and contain artistic exteriors and interiors.  They also all have electric heat, flush toilets, hot showers, multi-functional furniture, art by local artists, and a kitchen.  Below are pics of the six tiny homes guests get to choose from.

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Caravan KangablueCaravan Roly Poly
Caravan RosebudCaravan Skyline
Caravan The CabooseCaravan The Tandem


Below are some reviews I found about the Caravan around the internet.

“Stayed in the Caboose and it was a wonderful, relaxing two nights stay! This is one adventure I wouldn’t mind repeating! It came as a surprise to me that it was also quite quiet! My son and I had a blast, checked in, went shopping, got back and we found adequate parking on the street. I just wish my other three children could’ve been there.”

“This was a fun way to stay with a large group of people. All the ‘tiny houses’ are so cute and unique. You can even buy one if you fall in love with it!”

“Loved this place. Truly unique. Stayed in the caboose. Super cute and well decorated.
Situated in a great part of town.”

Click the following link to learn more about Caravan or to book a room.  If you do get the opportunity to stay at Caravan, please share your experience with us.

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Image sources: Caravan

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